Asahi Plaza Fukaso _ 501st Room

Property Description

Control number:
Property Type:
Income-producing properties
ProfitsNumeric value that represents how to funds invested, how much of the profits that go up
Street address:
Floor Layout:
Floor layout details:
Property applications:
AgeElapsed years after building construction
1989 (Age in years 30)
Building distinction:
Sales number of units / total number of units:
118 houses
location floor / story:
Ownership (shared)
Building structureThe type of structure system used to build a building. Such as RC structures.
Reinforced concrete (RC structure)
Occupied areaAnd proprietary area, it of the area of the sectional ownership proprietary part of the building, such as a condominium (purpose and become part of the building of the sectional ownership)
Total floor areaThe total area of the area of each floor of the building
Parking Lot:
Balcony area:
maximum lighted surfaceMaximum opening  (window)
Month leasehold fee:


Other Listing Details

Use districtSome 12 types has been defined by the City Planning Act. A place where buildings can be built depending on restrictions on the type and scale.
Category 1 residential area
Urban PlanningRegarding the land use plan, which is defined in the City Planning Act.   First, city planning area, city planning area outside a major division, in urban planning within the area city planning tax has been added to the property tax.
Transaction form:
general medation
Trading division:
Contact road situationTypically, the site of the buildings, must be in contact 2m  (up to 3m) or more on the road, this situation.
Land categoryDesignations attached depending on the use of the land that is determined to real estate Registration Act.
Originally, but it should agree with the use of on the reality of use and registry of land, often are different. Almost nothing Although there is no need to be confirmed problem case of.
Building coverageRatio, which is calculated by the building area / site area. If the 100 square meters of land in the building coverage 60%, will be able to construction if to house construction area 60 square meters (If you do not take into account the other regulatory elements).
Floor space indexRatio, which is calculated by the total building area / site interview. If the 100 square meters of land at a volume rate of 200%, it comes to if architecture can house up to a total floor area of 200 square meters (If you do not take into account the other regulatory elements).
Revenue plan:
Annual expense:
Management association the organization established to jointly manage the common areas in the condominium, or buildings divided into various owners.
Property tax:
Management formManagement form of division owned buildings such as apartments There are four types, are divided by the working form of management personnel.
Specifically, divided into resident management (business in live included) / day shift management (commuting business) / cyclic management (regular patrol business) / self-management (do not put the management personnel. Management union own business).
All consignmentautomatically
Management companyManagement specialist company commissioned by the condominium management association
Other shared facilities:
Information registration date:
Next Update Date:
Information providerA company that provides real estate information.

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Street address:
Property Type:
Income-producing properties
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