How to proceed with real estate purchase

Flow of purchase

Decide the purpose of real estate purchase



Search for a property

Inquiry of the Property
By providing us your choice of the property, requirements and conditions, our staff will search the best available properties for you.
※ service and support are available in the Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Purchase procedure

Tour reservation
From our company, you will be able to request for property tours from the real estate agencies
We provide the local accommodation, pick-up and transportation arrangements to the site ※ upon request

Site tour

Issuance of certificate purchase
When the intention of purchase is decided, we will apply for property purchase in the form of "purchase certificate".
Before the issuance of the Purchase Certificate, please prepare the required documents
Required documents Individual
Required documents Corporation

Reserve fund

Explanation of Important matters
We will provide all important explanations in regards to the terms and conditions of the purchase for the property. Let’s try to avoid such a situation that you will say, “I did not know or heard about that !!! “ We will support all your concerns!
If you wish, we can provide interpreters from our company. ※ upon request

Conclusion of a sale and purchase agreement
We will enter a mediated agreement with the seller. Let's firmly confirmed the contractual coverage of the agreement.

CASH payment or LOAN payment
(Regarding the LOAN)
Unless you have received a permanent residence permit, As principle, Japanese Bank cannot be used for the LOAN.
Permanent Residence Permit Application support services ※ upon request

Account settlement ・ registration
Delivery of the property is done.
At the time of purchase, in addition to the price of real estate, there will be other expenses.

After about 1 week

After the purchase

Real estate title deed receipt
To those who worry about loss of deed sent en-route to the home country, safekeeping services in Japan are available.
Entitlement management ※ upon request

The report within 20 days after receipt

Report after the fact
Japan expatriate foreigners is required to report real estate acquisition within 20 days after the acquisition to the Ministry of Finance .
After-sales service

Tax payment

Final Income tax return
※ In the case of investment real estate purchase
After purchase, various procedures is required yearly.
In our company provides various support services such as tax practice representation and income tax return representation support services.
After-sales service