How to proceed with real estate purchase

Regarding Loan

With the exception of such as (※) If you have received a "permanent residence", in principle, you can not use the Japanese bank loan.
You may be able to use the loan, if there is a branch office in Japan of your home country’s bank.Please contact directly the bank for inquiry.

※ In our company, we also offer ""permanent residence permit"" application proxy.
However, there is no guarantee that with a ""permanent residence permit"" you can get a (Japanese) loan at the bank approved.
It depends on the criteria stipulated in each of the bank therefore please acknowledge.


In addition to the price of real estate, listed below are expenses, it has been roughly estimated that 8% of the price of real estate.

  • (1) Stamp duty to be attached to the sale and purchase agreement
  • (2) Real estate acquisition tax
  • (3) Registration and license tax
  • (4) Brokerage commissions paid to real estate brokerage company
  • (5) Fire insurance, insurance premiums, such as earthquake insurance
  • (6) Property tax reimbursement
  • (7) Administrative expenses of settlement money

Items of deficit, our company can act as a representative for procedural or notification services.
Please feel free to contact us.

Buying and selling price payment method

In order to proceed with the settlement smoothly, you need to advance to overseas remittance. When overseas remittance, be sure to acquire the following documents from the real estate company.

  • Overseas remittance before: real estate company remittance specification seal has been of
  • After the overseas remittance (From remittance bank) Foreign exchange Statement

Entitlement management

Real estate deed you can in about one week before and after.
You can manage sent to the country of residence, or in Japan.

To those who worry about loss of deed sent en-route to the home country, safekeeping services in Japan are available.Please feel free to inquire.