How to proceed with real estate purchase

After-sales service

Report after the fact

Those who foreigners residing abroad, due to the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, the real estate acquisition and must be reported to the Ministry of Finance within 20 days after property acquisition through the Japan Bank.
Acquisition of real estate, in addition to the buying and selling, it is also subject acquisition in inheritance and gift, requires notification.
(With some exceptions)

Establishing of tax agent/manager

After the real estate purchase, you will receive a tax notice from the tax office, accordingly you need to pay their taxes every year.
To become a procedure in Japan, foreigners who overseas residents will need to set the "tax agent".

※We have contracted tax accountants and a tax agency. We also offer counseling.Please feel free to inquire.

Final return (In the case of investment real estate purchase)

If you have acquired the investment real estate in Japan, you will need tax returns every year, the rental income as a real estate income.

※Our contracted tax accountant also offer income tax return services.Please feel free to inquire.

Various procedures after real estate purchase

In the administrative scrivener of our alliance, we have agency services also offer procedures that occur after the real estate purchase.
Please feel free to contact us.

  • ・The procedures for inheritance
  • ・Incorporation
  • ・Create and check of the contract such as the lease agreement
  • ・Creating a licensing application documents to and administrative
  • (Example: development activities permit application, Agricultural Land Act related application, such as public land use permit and construction approval, other national land law proceedings)
  • ・Family register and billing of resident card