Towards the real estate company

Post Advantages

It is not just a real estate portal site!
We offer to the seller 4 big benefits ! !

Benefits 1

Overseas real estate by taking advantage of this to the know-how.

It is a real estate site created by the company, which operates the site originating the Okinawa information abroad.
Utilizing the know-how until now to make an effective presentation to foreigners.

Okinawa Travel Info

Benefits 2

Because of the results pay-per-advertising, there is no cost risk.

To become a results-based compensation advertising contract is basically, and because it is cost generation from out of the outcome, there is no cost risk in me!

The outcomes-based compensation advertising contract

Benefits 3

It posted a multilingual listing!

Properties information are posted in Japanese and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) have been translated into Korean and English.
Even without large investment in foreign language, you can advertise your properties to the world market thru our website.

Benefits 4

Support after HP posted enhancement!

1.Inquiry, correspondence with customers by e-mail or phone and service is free of charge.
We will also provide interpreters when performing guided tours on property (separate estimation)

2:We translate various contract documents such as purchase certificates and real estate buying and selling, therefore you are reassured confidence in the dealings of the foreign partner. Our handling of the contract is provided free of charge.
We will also provide any translation on other forms of documents from the seller (separate estimation).

3:We have partners like Lawyers, tax accountants, and certified administrative procedures legal specialist such as administrative solicitor for quick, accurate and attentive support to the seller or buyer.